Transforming Your Data Into Knowledge and Action

Cerner Corporation offers Lights On Network® as a part of our comprehensive family of smart health care solutions. Lights On Network® makes it easy to view essential predefined selected metrics that are vital to maximizing the impact of your electronic medical record. We provide this analytical cloud-based solution free of charge as part of an ongoing commitment to our clients and the improvement of health care in communities around the world.

Data transparency for electronic medical records

You know what we know

Understanding the operation and usage of your electronic medical record systems is crucial to understanding how effective it is. Lights On Network® bridges the gap between using medical record software and the transparency needed to know the impact on daily operations.

  • Near real time updates
  • User activity, hardware performance, and software configuration
  • One central location for all information

Better decisions with better data

Remove the guesswork

Making the best decision for your organization requires supporting facts and quantitative data via a robust analytics platform. Lights On Network® is designed to make clinical and operational decisions more accurate, reliable, and effective each and every day.

  • View information in context
  • Includes recommendations and standards
  • Alerting to key changes

Improve experiences for your users

Maintain a great user experience

Great health care for patients starts with those providing the care. Lights On Network® delivers insight into the experience providers have using your electronic medical records, and how they can provide the highest quality patient care.

  • Promote best practices
  • Identify users for additional training
  • Monitor performance of key clinical activities

Cerner Global Network

Learn from the Cerner Global Network

Going alone is usually not the most efficient way to handle big tasks. Through Lights On Network® you share collective information, best practices, and recommendations across 6 continents and 24 countries.

  • Learn from the experiences of other organizations
  • Benchmark your information to similar organizations
  • Align with key industry standards

Access your data from any device

Accessible from anywhere

Decisions need to be made any time and any place – even when you aren't near a computer. Lights On Network® is a flexible web based platform to provide information wherever and whenever you need it.

  • No programs to install
  • Works on most popular browsers and mobile devices
  • Data is both highly secure and anonymous